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STAR Lighters - Premium Quality Wick Oil Lighters - Great For Engraving. Also Featuring Unique Canadian Themed Designs. Lifetime Warranty!

STAR Lighter Gift Sets - Lighter & Ashtray combination gift sets.

STAR Lighter Pre-pack Display Cases - Complimentary STAR Lighter Displays!

Air Fresheners - Ed Hardy, Novelty Air Fresheners, Absolute Odor Eliminator, Spray Air Fresheners, Carded Air Fresheners

Automotive - Cell Tech Cell Phone Chargers (Blackberry, Sony, LG, Motorolla, Nokia, Samsung), Bluetooth Earphones, Tire Gauges, Digital Tire Gauges, Car Fuses, Booster Cables, Bumper Stickers.

Beverage Holders Specialty Neoprene Beverage Holders, Licensed NHL Products, Bottle Suits, Funny Foam Coozies, Beverage Babes, Coca Cola Can Chillers, Shot Gun Shell Can Holders.

Canada Branded - Canada Keychains, Canada Toys, Canada Shot Glasses

Candy - Kids Sour Candy, Sour Drops, Sour Spray, Candy Store

Clocks and Watches - Betty Boop Clocks, Elvis Presley Clocks, NHL Clocks, Travel Alarm Clocks


Clothing - Neoprene Face Masks, Biker Shirts, Canada Shirts, Wildlife Shirts, Native Shirts

Dollar Daze Crazy Specials & Hidden Deals.

Eyewear - Budweiser & Corona Sunglasses, Aviator, Driving, Polarized Kids, Chopper & Flame

Furniture - Oak Pub Table With Two Chairs

Games & Gaming - Playing Cards & Poker Chips

Gloves - Winter Gloves, Work Gloves, PVC Gloves, Latex Gloves, Leather Gloves

Glow Products - Glow Sticks, Glow Ropes, Glow Necklaces

Hats - Licensed Hats, Funny Hats, Western Hats, Canada Hats, Biker Hats

Headwear - Skull Caps, Bandannas, Road Hog, Beenies

Health - Toothbrushes, Hand Sanitizer, Lip Balm, Tylenol, Sunscreen

Keychains - NHL, Flashlight Keychains, Novelty Keychains, Bottle Openers

Knives - Pocket Knives, Gift Knives, Hunting Knives

Lighters - STAR Lighters, Disposable Lighters, Torch Lighters, Wick Lighters, Quality Lighters, Wrapped Lighters, Canada Lighters, Electronic Lighters, Lighter Fluid, Lighter Fuel, Lighter Accessories, Pipe Lighters, Cigar Lighters, Cigarette Lighters, Lighter Displays, Lifetime Warranty

Liquor Store - Alcohol Breath Testers, Wine Bags, Bottle Openers, Keychain Openers, Corkscrews, Whisky Flasks, Funny Shot Glasses, Glow Shot Glasses, Pop Toppers, Coasters, Napkins, Bottle Stoppers

Money Holders - Pewter & Printed Money Clips, Leather Wallets, Studded

Mugs and Coasters - Coca Cola, John Deere, Steel, Wide Body, Thermos, Insulated, Plastic, Handle, Non Spill Lid, 16 oz, 20 oz, 1 Litre, John Deere & Automotive Coasters

NEW ARRIVALS The Latest & Greatest Impulse Items

Novelty - Ed Hardy Incense, Fuzzy Dice, Jumbo Greeting Cards

Outdoor - Bug Button, Bug Zapper, Hand Warmers, Compass, Binocular, Camping Lanterns

Personal - Cologne, Perfume, Travel Sets, Breath Freshener (spray / drops / mints), Face Masks, Combs, Brushes, Nail Clippers, Pill Case, Deluxe Pill Case, Pill Case Flashlight, Shaving Kit, Mouthwash, Shampoo, Carded Travel Products Safe For Airline Travel, Tweezers, Toothpaste

Signs: Collectable - Simpsons, Alien, Ferrari, Spitfire, Autos

Signs: Other - Parking Signs, License Plate Signs, Nascar Signs, Street Signs, Tin Calendars, Thermometers

Tobacco Related - Cigarette Cases, Tobacco Rolling Machines, TAR OUT Disposable Cigarette Filters, Glass Ashtray, Metal Ashtray, Spin Ashtray, Glow Ashtrays, Rock Band Ashtrays, Regular Lighter Leash, Premium Lighter Leash, LED Lighter Leash, Snuffers, Pipes

Tools - LED (L.E.D.) Flashlights, Can Openers, Scissors, Locks, Bendable Lights, Laser Pointers, Pick Up Tools, Pocket Tools, Pliers

Toys - Flashing Earings, Punch Balloons, Shock Toys, Bouncy Balls, Inflatable Toys, Sudoku, Chinese Lanterns, Fart Bomb, Plush Animals

Utility - Batteries, Calculators, Cameras, Musical Candles, Cap Light, Carabiner Snaps, Cameras, I Pod Charger, I Pod Earphones, Purse Caddy Holder, Swivel Flashlight, Reading Light, Duct Tape, Packing Tape, Laser Pointers, Safety Light Sticks

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